People often ask “how can you represent someone who is guilty?” The reasons are endless. Sometimes people accused of a crime are completely innocent. The accuser may have concocted the facts to get the accused arrested. The witnesses make mistakes and identify the wrong person, or simply see the incident incorrectly. Law enforcement may accidentally arrest the wrong person, but the account that law enforcement writes in the report is designed to ensure a conviction, not to be fair to the arrestee. So really, many people who are completely innocent look guilty based only on the police reports.

In other situations, the charges are unjustifiably beefed up. Maybe the arrested person insulted the officer, so additional charges were added. Or maybe the prosecution felt like the accused, based on a past history, should be charged with the most serious offenses possible when lesser charges would have also been appropriate. Other times, the charges may be appropriate, but the plea offer from the state is very high due to claims made by the alleged victim.

In all of these circumstances, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help. Even when the outright acquittal isn’t possible, an experienced attorney can help ensure a better outcome. At Gagnon, Eisele, and Rigby, we understand the potential gravity of criminal cases and the heightened tensions of all parties involved. Criminal cases can be complex and multi-layered. Studying the details and evidence that might lead to an acquittal can be tedious and taxing. Know that when you seek our legal counsel, you–as our client–are our number one priority. Building a strong legal defense when faced with serious allegations requires skill and commitment that we bring to the table for you. Parsing through a criminal case takes the experience and the ability to bring the details together to clearly understand the situation, the motivation of the witnesses, all of the nuances of the circumstances and various interpretations of the actions of the individual or individuals involved, and how a jury might be persuaded to return a “not guilty” verdict. Our team of criminal lawyers can do this for you and put you in a position to obtain the optimal outcome.

Our firm handles criminal cases in state and federal court. While we handle nearly every type of case, our most commonly handled cases involve criminal traffic matters (driving under the influence and driving with license suspended), battery and domestic violence, sexual battery, drug possession, and property crimes (theft, burglary, and fraud). We can assist not only with your original case, but with violations of probation, violations of pre-trial diversion contracts, and bench warrants. Our practice also includes appeals of criminal cases and expungement and sealing of records.


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