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Welcome to the Law Firm of Gagnon, Eisele and Rigby, PLCC! Our diverse family of lawyers have the expertise to cover a wide range of legal areas so as to assure that we are able to cover your needs regardless of legal faction. Each major area of law can cover a wide range of specific cases and we have experienced lawyers who specialize in different branches that span the full spectrum of the law.

Sometimes incoming clients may be unsure of which type of lawyer they need or in instances of overlap within cases, there may be confusion in terms of where your case may fall. Our firm will find a lawyer with the right type of expertise and skill set that will render the best results for an individual client. When facing an issue that requires legal intervention, stress and tensions are often high and maneuvering through the process can be tiresome and daunting. The legal world can be convoluted but our talented lawyers and auxiliary professionals are ready to help guide you. In reaching out to us at Gagnon, Eisele and Rigby, you can rest assured in knowing that we will be there to work with you and for you every step of the way. We aim to make sure that our clients understand the process as we move forward toward success. We never want a client to feel as if they are shouldering the burden alone. We are here to stand by you and find solutions.