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Winter Park is a beautiful little city located in Orange County, Florida, not far from Orlando. Covering just a little over ten square miles, Winter Park is a small and affluent area of the state with plenty of trees, parks, beautiful homes and, a popular shopping, restaurant and entertainment district. First established in 1882 after some deliberation about what to name the city, Winter Park was founded initially as a winter resort area for tourists looking for a warm winter getaway from colder parts of the country. Over a century later, Winter Park is still a favorite vacation spot for tourists and also home to many happy residents.

Apart from its beautiful aesthetics, Winter Park is also home to a few famous spots which further attracts tourists and other non-Winter Park residents to the area. Most notably of these spots would be Rollins College. Located in Winter Park, Rollins is Florida’s oldest college. Then, the fun and cultural annual Winter Park Sidewalk Art festival brings in visitors from all over the country. This outdoor festival aims to showcase a wide variety of art from a range of different mediums.

The local Winter Park government is centered around four city commissioners and the city mayor. The City manager works for this core group and oversees day-to-day city workings. Also within the local government are a number of city boards which manage many different areas of city operations from housing to environmental sustainability to golf courses and other recreation. It is possible to sit on any particular board by applying to the board(s) of one’s choosing. Once you have submitted an application, it will be considered if vacancies exist or arise.

Family Law

What does a family law attorney do?

A Winter Park attorney who handles family law cases is an expert in any type of case that arises from a dispute within a family. This may include issues involving child custody, divorce, domestic violence, or any other family-oriented legal problem. Our family law firm can offer excellent legal counsel to represent you in or out of court as we work through, what we understand, is a very stressful time. We will find solutions that work for you and get you the peace of mind you are looking for.

Can you help do what is best for my children?

When cases involve children, they can be especially hard on a family. Most parents just want to do what is best for their children and they come to us seeking the legal guidance to do so. Whether you are looking for a Winter Park child support attorney, seeking solutions to a custody case, or, any other legal concern that involves your children, we have you covered. We want to work with you and the other parent and their lawyers to find solutions. We aim to always move forward with your child (or children) first and forefront in thought. We are with you to help you no matter what your needs–financial support, custody decisions, or cases of abuse and so on. We know how difficult it is to have your children involved in a legal battle and we want to find the right solutions for you as quickly as we can.

What constitutes domestic violence?

Domestic violence cases can involve a wide range of violent behaviors and abuse. Assault and battery of any kind–including sexual–are of course crimes that fall under the label of domestic violence. Other instances of domestic violence may include kidnapping, stalking, or any other act that results in the injury or death of a family member. For these cases, “family member” may refer to any blood relative, spouse or other individuals living together. Family members in these cases can also refer to individuals who have a child in common. Hiring a winter park domestic violence attorney is a wise choice. Having a legal expert to represent you and guide you through the court process can be absolutely vital to a successful end that ensures you the best possible outcome for you.

Do I need a divorce and family law attorney?

When approaching any legal battle, it is always especially wise to seek legal counsel in order to present a fantastic, well-rounded case. Hiring a Winter Park lawyer can also help to ensure that you do not lose out by getting caught up in the tangled web of our often convoluted system of law. If you are seeking a family divorce attorney, we understand that you are going through a worrying time and we can shoulder that burden for you inside or out of the courtroom. Divorce can make for a complicated situation between two people and it is compounded if there are children involved.

Winter Park Family Law Attorney

A Winter Park divorce attorney can help to make the process smoother and easier for you. We offer some of the best divorce lawyers to give you a cutting edge in the case. Your lawyer can sort through the kind of divorce you need, parse through the claims between both parties and find a workable middle ground that can leave you on top and ready to move on to other things in life, outside of the tedium of the courtroom.

Our goal is to get through this often very draining process with as little burden on you as possible. We not only save our clients time and money, we offer very competitive divorce attorney fees so that you can find great legal representation with an affordable divorce lawyer.

If you have any family concerns that require legal advice or intervention, please do not hesitate to contact our Winter Park office today. We are here ready to go to work for you!