Accidents happen. Accidents that result in injury or death can happen anywhere, even under seemingly safe circumstances. When an accident results in the injury or death of an individual, it can create a messy fallout that can affect not only the injured person but also their families as well. While accidents are just that–accidental–the pain and stress that follows can substantially interfere with the lives of those involved. An individual may retain an injury as a result of unforeseen causes with no deliberate intention by another party, but this fact is of little comfort to the person who was hurt. Many types of accidents can sometimes leave one with irreparable bodily injuries, an inability to work, mental and physical suffering, and medical bills that may be too high to cover.

When an injury or death happens because of accidental causes, it may mean that some measure of safety went neglected by some individual or group that resulted in the harm of another. While it is true that “accidents happen,” the hardship that falls on the injured party remains and this is where the attorneys at the law firm of Gagnon, Eisele, and Rigby, PLLC can assist you or a loved one in this stressful and painful time of need.

Below are some of the personal injury cases that we handle.

Medical Malpractice

○ Sometimes tragic outcomes can occur during what should be a life-saving medical procedure. These complications that may arise under the watch and care of a medical professional may be entirely out of the hands of the doctor, or they may be due to oversight or carelessness that could have been avoided. In cases that fall into the latter category, you may be eligible for compensation for the suffering or additional medical bills that may have resulted from this type of accident or negligence.

● Construction Accidents

Workers’ Compensation

○ Workers’ compensation applies to many personal injury cases as workplace accidents are relatively common, especially in places of work that put employees in potentially dangerous situations such as jobs that require the use of heavy equipment or machinery. If an accident has happened at your place of work, we can help to determine if it was avoidable as well as making sure that you will be helped or covered financially regarding high medical bills and loss of income due to an inability to continue working.

● Brain Injuries

● Spinal Cord Injuries

Nursing Home Abuse

○ Nursing home abuse and neglect of its patients is a problem in the United States that has yet to see eradication. Signs of abuse are sometimes obvious: physical signs of injury, poor hygiene, unfit living conditions or frequent complaints by loved ones toward the staff of the home. However, even when the signs are there, it may be difficult to pinpoint whether the problem is an individual or if it is a more widespread issue throughout the facility. Unfortunately enough, seeking justice for our loved ones in these situations is not always easy to achieve without professional legal backing. With one of our skilled attorneys, you will be able to approach the case with a sturdy arsenal of legal means to achieve an end goal of compensation for your loved one and potential fines or jail time for the responsible party or parties.

● Burn Cases

● Dog Bites

● Pedestrian Accidents

● Boating Accidents

● Bus Accidents

Car Accidents

○ Car accidents regarding a crash with another vehicle that results in death or injury due to negligence or irresponsibility on the part of the other driver could entitle you to compensation as well as repercussions for the other driver. If an accident occurred because of a manufacturing error, it often creates a more complex situation that requires deeper investigation. At this point, cases involving manufacturing errors may fall into or overlap with product liability suits.

● Motorcycle Accidents

● Truck Accidents

Premise Liability

○ Premise liability may refer to instances of accidents that have taken place on either public or private property. Some specific stipulations must be addressed in these cases such as determining whether the property owner is at fault and if so, to what extent. With an attorney specializing in premise liability cases, these points will be studied very closely. Once the details are in place, your attorney can inform you of your options and fight for you to receive due compensation for suffering, medical bills, inability to work or any other issues that the accident may have caused.

Theme Park Accidents

○ Accidents that occur within an amusement park of any sort (from large scale to small parks or events) is a subset of premise liability that can carry special legal nuances. Accidents that occur in these types of locations can involve visitors to the park or workers. In the event of an injury from an amusement park visit, contacting a lawyer can help to sort out what compensation may be available to you.

Product Liability

○ Accidents due to product liability failure can refer to a wide range of occurrences but most generally speaking, this area deals with injuries that result from purchased products. These products can be anything from vehicles to toys to sporting equipment and more. If you’ve purchased an item that proved faulty and resulted in personal injury, you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer.

Wrongful Death

○ Wrongful death cases can be particularly complicated as it is the most serious type of personal injury case. There are a number of stipulations that may arise when attempting to receive justice or compensation when an accidental death has occurred due to negligence or error. Many factors can go into determining the extent and types of compensation and, in some cases, the eligibility to receive said compensation. Our attorneys will sort through your case in great detail and find the best possible outcome available in this exceptionally trying time.

If you feel you have a personal injury case that is not listed above, are unsure where your specific case falls, or if you would like to know more about your options in the event of an injury or wrongful death, contact us at any time. We are here to guide you through the legal system and help to determine which options are available to you in this stressful and confusing time. Gagnon, Eisele, and Rigby, is  ready to help serve you.