Looking for the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Orlando – Here Is What You Need to Know!

Orlando, also known as ‘The City Beautiful’, is a city known for its amazing tourist attractions. The city attracts millions of visitors from all over the world every year. In 2014 alone, over 62 million people visited the city, which made Orlando the most-visited tourist destination in the entire country, edging past Las Vegas, which held the distinction previously.

Orlando Theme Parks

The city is home to some of the largest and most popular theme parks in world. It is actually one of the main reasons why it remains the preferred choice of tourists from different parts of the country as well as abroad. The most popular theme parks are Walt Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando, and Universal Orlando. Other popular attractions include the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Gatorland, and the Orlando Museum of Art.

One thing that surprises people, particularly first-time visitors, about Orlando is the size of the theme parks here. For example, the Walt Disney World theme park is spread over 40 square miles, an area so vast that the whole of Manhattan could be squeezed into it comfortably. Similarly, SeaWorld and Universal are also so large that you could spend days at a single attraction alone.

Orlando Citrus Industry

Before tourism became the backbone of Orlando’s economy, the city used to be known for its citrus fruits industry. This is why people still associate the city with oranges. Even today, you could visit citrus farms like Showcase of Citrus and Florida’s Natural Growers to take a close look at the wide range of citrus fruits available.

Lakes in Orlando

The city is also home to over 100 lakes, some of which are the result of sinkholes. In fact, one of the most well known lakes, Lake Eola, is actually a giant sinkhole, which is well over 80 feet deep at certain points. Not many people, including locals, know this fact though!

Crimes in Orlando

Like all major cities, Orlando also has its share of violent and nonviolent crimes, which has resulted in the presence of a robust legal industry. Every year, a large number of people are involved in crimes. The city has a huge number of lawyers to defend and protect the rights of people who are involved in crimes and facing state level and federal level charges. From DUI to violent crimes, you can find a criminal lawyer in Orlando to handle any kind of case.

Facing Criminal Charges in Orlando

Facing criminal charges, particularly for the first time, can be an intimidating experience. Whether it is something as simple as a DWI or as serious as a sexual assault, a criminal charge can have a devastating effect on your career, social life, and personal life. If you get convicted, the conviction will stay on your record forever, which could seriously affect your chances to get a decent job, to rent a house, or to have a normal social life.

The Need for an Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

The first thing you need to remember when it comes to criminal charges is that an arrest does not necessarily provide the evidence for a crime. There have been many instances where people have been arrested on various charges and got acquitted due to lack of compelling evidence. So, when you are facing criminal charges, the first thing you need to do is contact a good Orlando criminal lawyer right away.

The first thing a criminal lawyer will do is to ensure that your rights as a citizen are protected throughout the judicial proceedings. Depending on the severity of your crime and your past record, he may even try to get a pre-trial diversion, rather than letting you face the charges. In such a case, you only have to pay a program fee and a supervision fee. You may then be asked to do community service, pay restitution, and complete a course of counseling program or psychiatric evaluation. In return, your charges will be dismissed. It is a great option, particularly for first-time offenders with an unblemished record.

The Different Types of Charges You May Face

DUI/DWI – Driving under the influence of prescription drugs, hard drugs, or alcohol is illegal in the city. You need to remember that refusing to provide a sample or take a breath test does not usually result in a conviction. So, in such cases, only a qualified DUI defense attorney can establish and the true facts of your case and defend you properly.

Traffic Violations – Driving with reckless abandon is not as serious as a DWI charge, but can still result in penalties and license suspension. An experienced Orlando criminal lawyer, however, can arrange plea bargains and can reduce your sentence to the extent possible.

Sex Crimes – Just being accused of a sex crime can have a negative impact on your professional and social life. So, you should not waste a moment in seeking the help of a competent sex crime attorney who can defend you in the court aggressively and prove your innocence in the event that the charges against you are false or propped up.

Firearm, Drug, and Violent Crimes – Illegal possession of firearms and hard drugs are taken seriously by courts. Similarly, people accused of violent crimes like assault and battery and homicide are also shown no leniency in most cases. So, it is absolutely essential to contact a federal criminal lawyer right away.

Choosing the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

We at Gagnon, Eisele and Rigby Law Firm have years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of criminal cases and we have a successful track record of defending our clients in the past. No matter what crime you are accused of, we can make sure your rights are not infringed upon and defend you aggressively in the court to either acquit you or reduce the severity of your sentence to the maximum extent possible.

Keeping in mind of the fact that people from all walks of life need our services, we are also very considerate when it comes to our fees. So, if you are looking for an affordable criminal defense attorney in Orlando who will defend your rights and protect your future, you should contact us right away.