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All legal matters are stressful but family concerns that end up in court can be the most trying of all cases. At the law firm of Gagnon, Eisele and Rigby in central Florida, we understand that these types of family concerns need to be handled with sensitivity and special care. Given the specifics and nuances that accompany family issues, some often wonder, ‘what exactly does a family law attorney do?’ We are able to handle a range of family-oriented cases that involve concerns such as child support, custody, divorce, violence, and any other family problems that may require legal intervention. In terms of cost, we offer competitive family lawyer fees because we know that our clients do not need any additional stressors during times of family crisis.

Divorce cases are some of the most common family law cases and finding the best, affordable divorce lawyers can sometimes be daunting. Gagnon, Eisele and Rigby family divorce attorneys are not only experienced attorneys who win cases and find solutions that work for our clients, but we will always handle each individual case with delicate consideration and empathy. We understand that these are extremely difficult times and want you to know that you are not alone.

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Other family-related legal issues can often arise during divorces and we want to help by taking on much of the stressful load so as to not let it fall onto our clients. Our attorneys can aid in easing tensions between both parties and find workable solutions to the additional concerns that can crop up alongside divorce. If there are further disagreements due to involved children, Gagnon, Eisele and Rigby want you to know that we will shoulder this sensitive area with you as well. Whether it be conflicts involving child support, custody or visitation guideline stipulations, you can trust that we will lead the way through the legal tangle to find viable resolutions for you and your children.

Sometimes cases come to us that need resolution between unwed partners who do not fall within the laws of marriage. Generally speaking, unwed couples who split up face fewer complications than those who need to go through the process of divorce. However, when a couple cannot find common ground in terms of children, property or assets, these cases can go to court to find a solution via third-party legal means. When unwed couples have difficulty coming to an agreement concerning any shared entity (including children), it can become confusing trying to determine which laws apply, what they stipulate and how to fairly come to a conclusion between the two parties. A decision to take the matter to court may become unavoidable and we can find answers that fall within the realms of the law as well as your personal and specific needs as they apply to the situation.


Cases of domestic violence between married and unmarried couples are legal concerns that we commonly handle as well. Individual and personal details are pertinent in these types of cases. With appropriate care and discretion, we can walk you through the options you may have for the troubles you have faced due to do the complicated issue of domestic violence. These issues often need the utmost in careful handling to make sure our clients in need get solutions without adding to existing problems. As with many laws, domestic violence laws can differ from state-to-state and legal help can take you a long way in trying to maneuver through what can be a painful process under any circumstances.

There are, of course, other family concerns that may lead to a need for legal intervention and we have success and experience in these areas as well. Included on this page are the more common family law cases that we handle regularly but are not necessarily all-inclusive of every facet of family law. Gagnon, Eisele and Rigby law associates are ready to help sort through the burden of any family legal concerns that may lead you to court. We want to help you find appropriate solutions that work for your family while always keeping privacy and sensitivity at the forefront. Please contact us today–we are ready to answer your questions and find results that fit your needs.

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