Business litigation refers to any cases that arise from disputes  between businesses , or, between an individual and a business. For clarity, a “business” would simply refer to any entity that buys and sells goods or services. Businesses have their own set of laws and guidelines to ensure ethical and legal treatment of clients and employees, proper financial handlings, the accuracy of claims behind goods or services being sold as well as many other, often detailed, regulations that attempt to create a safeguard against unlawful acts committed by a business, company or organization.

At Gagnon, Eisele, and Rigby, PLLC, we have expert business litigation attorneys to lead you through any legal business concern. Some of the business law areas we cover are listed below. If you are unclear as to your rights , please do not hesitate to contact us for legal counsel, advice, or clarification.

Commercial Litigation

○ Many cases can fall into the territory of commercial litigation. This broad type of business litigation encompasses many different aspects of commercial law. A few of the aspects may include antitrust laws and issues with monopolization, franchises, patents, consumer protection, tax assessment and securities such as stocks or bonds.

● Small Business Legal Counsel

Employment Law

○ Employment law attends to the legal relationship between an employee and his or her employer. This set of laws helps to protect employees against unfair treatment regarding payment, work hours, discrimination, employee contracts, union organizations, and more.

Non-Compete Agreement

○ Also referred to as a non-compete clause, this agreement is usually set in place to state that an employee will refrain from any work that would be considered in competition with his or her employer. This is usually done to make sure that the employee cannot pass along certain practices or operations belonging to the employer that may help to increase revenue for the individual or another group outside of the organization within which the agreement has been made.

● Purchase or Sale of a Business/Business Transactions

Civil Litigation

○ Civil litigation refers to any cases between an individual and an organization (or between two organizations) involved in trade or sales. Usually, in these cases, some type of compensation may be awarded for damages, losses, injuries, or other types of negative and accidental occurrences sustained by an individual or group as a result of the other party’s actions or inactions.

● Partnerships

● C Corporation
○ A C corporation is a business or other organization that is taxed separately than the owners of the corporation.

S Corporation

○ An S corporation differs from a C corporation in that it itself is not subject to federal income taxes. Instead, within an S corporation, income and losses are both divided among individual shareholders of that business or organization.

Limited Liability Company

○ LLCs are noncorporate businesses that fall somewhere between a corporation and a partnership. A limited liability company acts like a corporation in that its owners are not subject to personal liability in the case of misconduct but treated differently than a corporation in terms of taxation.

● Business Contracts

● Contract Negotiation

● Trademark Law

Intellectual Property

○ Items that may be considered intellectual property refer to a wide array of ideas, inventions and other works created by an individual. Written or artistic pieces, patents, and business models are just some examples of intellectual property that is subject to protection under certain rights bestowed upon the creator of said property. These laws are in place to avoid theft, misuse, or unauthorized use by a party or parties who do not own rights to the intellectual property.

● Commercial Real Estate Transactions

● Commercial Lease

Partnership Agreement

○ Partnership agreements are written agreements between parties within a partnership. These written documents pertain most importantly to the pooling of resources and manpower as well as the distribution of the resulting income (or losses).

Confidentiality Agreement

○ These types of agreements are also referred to as non-disclosure agreements. Confidentiality agreements are documented contracts between parties that are set in place to protect secret material, confidential information or otherwise sensitive knowledge. In entering a non-disclosure agreement, parties legally agree not to share this information with other outside individuals, companies or organizations. Sometimes these documents apply to both parties involved and sometimes, in unilateral agreements, an employee (for example) agrees not to share learned information about the company he or she works for.

Business or commercial litigation or law can span both public and private realms of the legal system. Within business litigation cases, there can be overlap within business law categories and sometimes cases can include laws that are not, by definition, business or even public law. This may be especially apparent when an individual  turns to legal intervention as a victim of wrongdoing by a company or organization.

Having ample and skilled legal backing for business litigation cases is prudent and vital. When attempting to go up against a corporation or other large organization in a court of law, you can be sure that they will have proficient legal representation of their own. Generally speaking, the larger the organization, the stronger and larger their legal team of representation. Businesses work diligently to make sure that they are well-covered when it comes to legal concerns. However, this does not mean that large businesses and organizations should ever function outside the law, especially when it directly inflicts harm on an individual in any terms.

A well-prepared case is key to winning business litigation cases. Business litigation attorneys at the law firm of Gagnon, Eisele, and Rigby know how to obtain justice for you. With a strong understanding of business law, we know first hand how businesses may try to skirt responsibility when wrongdoing has taken place. By not allowing large organizations to find loopholes to avoid paying restitutions, we aim to cover all ground to win your case. Contact us today to make sure you receive the justice and compensation you deserve.