The Florida Board of Bar Examiners is comprised of 15 members. It is the job of these individuals to ensure that the Florida Bar is made up of a pool of lawyers that will uphold excellence in both their own lives and their work. The key areas that the Board considers of high importance include extensive knowledge of the law and its applications, the skills to take this information and put it to use appropriately as applicable to real life circumstances, the ability to conduct oneself in a professional and trustworthy manner, and to live in such a way that the applicant personally behaves in accordance with state and federal laws.

There are occasions when certain hindrances may raise a question as to whether an applicant should be granted acceptance into the state Bar. These roadblocks can vary in terms of the actions or behaviors in question and can span from current occurrences back into one’s own personal history. The Florida Board of Bar Examiners may hold investigative hearings in order to determine admission into the Florida Bar in light of these types of matters. These hearings aim to determine the applicant’s overall competence and suitability for entrance into the bar possibly despite some questionable instances or events in the applicant’s life.

Some individuals have a spotted or controversial past that may require some investigation by the Board. These instances may include items in your bar or law school application, questions concerning competence to practice law or issues extending beyond these things and into one’s own personal history with the law or past employers, for example. If you have any negative points in your personal history that you think may raise questions by the board or if these points have already become obstacles in your way to practicing law, the law firm of Gagnon, Eisele, and Rigby, PLLC is here to help.

When bar applicants come to us with worries concerning admission to the Florida State Bar, we are honest and straightforward with the information given. We want our clients to understand their circumstances and what they may mean for entrance into the bar.

As stated above, the board may wish to delve into any instances of questionable past history. Issues that may pop up as red flags to the board of examiners may include poor credit, incidents from past jobs, mortgage applications and any history of legal concerns. If you have a spot on your record in any of these or other areas, don’t allow yourself to become discouraged. With proper legal support, you can overcome these potential hurdles and get your career goals back on track.

The Board is in place to uphold a gold standard of legal and professional practice. With our help, we will aim to prove that you fit well within these standards. Approaching a bar hearing with a well-prepared case will in itself show the Board that you take these matters very seriously and plan to aim for professionalism and excellence in your career in law. Whatever the issue may be that stands between you and acceptance, we will guide you in proving good character and rehabilitated behavior when applicable. We will strive to present the entire scope of your personal achievement to show that any instances of mistake or poor judgment are in no way a definition of your character in general.